Jing Wei
Jing Wei
University of Maryland, Beijing Normal University
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Reconstructing 1-km-resolution high-quality PM2.5 data records from 2000 to 2018 in China: spatiotemporal variations and policy implications
J Wei, Z Li, A Lyapustin, L Sun, Y Peng, W Xue, T Su, M Cribb
Remote Sensing of Environment 252, 112136, 2021
Estimating 1-km-resolution PM2.5 concentrations across China using the space-time random forest approach
J Wei, W Huang, Z Li, W Xue, Y Peng, L Sun, M Cribb
Remote Sensing of Environment 231, 111221, 2019
Improved 1 km resolution PM2.5 estimates across China using enhanced space–time extremely randomized trees
J Wei, Z Li, M Cribb, W Huang, W Xue, L Sun, J Guo, Y Peng, J Li, A ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 20 (6), 3273–3289, 2020
MODIS Collection 6.1 aerosol optical depth products over land and ocean: validation and comparison
J Wei, Z Li, Y Peng, L Sun
Atmospheric Environment 201, 428-440, 2019
Full-coverage mapping and spatiotemporal variations of ground-level ozone (O3) pollution from 2013 to 2020 across China
J Wei, Z Li, K Li, RR Dickerson, RT Pinker, J Wang, X Liu, L Sun, W Xue, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 270, 112775, 2022
Satellite-derived 1-km-resolution PM1 concentrations from 2014 to 2018 across China
J Wei, Z Li, J Guo, L Sun, W Huang, W Xue, T Fan, M Cribb
Environmental Science & Technology 53 (22), 13265-13274, 2019
The ChinaHighPM10 dataset: generation, validation, and spatiotemporal variations from 2015 to 2019 across China
J Wei, Z Li, W Xue, L Sun, T Fan, L Liu, T Su, M Cribb
Environment International 146, 106290, 2021
Impact of Land-Use and Land-Cover Change on urban air quality in representative cities of China
L Sun, J Wei, DH Duan, YM Guo, DX Yang, C Jia, XT Mi
Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics 142, 43-54, 2016
Dynamic assessment of PM2.5 exposure and health risk using remote sensing and geo-spatial big data
Y Song, B Huang, Q He, B Chen, J Wei, R Mahmood
Environmental Pollution 253, 288-296, 2019
Quantization of the coupling mechanism between eco-environmental quality and urbanization from multisource remote sensing data
D Xu, F Yang, L Yu, Y Zhou, H Li, J Ma, J Huang, J Wei, Y Xu, C Zhang, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 321, 128948, 2021
Aerosol optical depth retrieval over bright areas using Landsat 8 OLI images
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A cloud detection algorithm-generating method for remote sensing data at visible to short-wave infrared wavelengths
L Sun, X Mi, J Wei, J Wang, X Tian, H Yu, P Gan
ISPRS journal of photogrammetry and remote sensing 124, 70-88, 2017
Ground-Level NO2 Surveillance from Space Across China for High Resolution Using Interpretable Spatiotemporally Weighted Artificial Intelligence
J Wei, S Liu, Z Li, C Liu, K Qin, X Liu, RT Pinker, RR Dickerson, J Lin, ...
Environmental science & technology 56 (14), 9988-9998, 2022
Himawari-8-derived diurnal variations in ground-level PM2.5 pollution across China using the fast space-time Light Gradient Boosting Machine (LightGBM)
J Wei, Z Li, RT Pinker, J Wang, L Sun, W Xue, R Li, M Cribb
Atmospheric chemistry and physics 21 (10), 7863-7880, 2021
A universal dynamic threshold cloud detection algorithm (UDTCDA) supported by a prior surface reflectance database
L Sun, J Wei, J Wang, X Mi, Y Guo, Y Lv, Y Yang, P Gan, X Zhou, C Jia, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 121 (12), 7172-7196, 2016
The significant impact of aerosol vertical structure on lower atmosphere stability and its critical role in aerosol–planetary boundary layer (PBL) interactions
T Su, Z Li, C Li, J Li, W Han, C Shen, W Tan, J Wei, J Guo
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 20 (6), 3713-3724, 2020
Intercomparison in spatial distributions and temporal trends derived from multi-source satellite aerosol products
J Wei, Y Peng, R Mahmood, L Sun, J Guo
Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics 19 (10), 2019
Evaluation of MAIAC aerosol retrievals over China
Z Zhang, W Wu, M Fan, J Wei, Y Tan, Q Wang
Atmospheric Environment 202, 8-16, 2019
Ground-level gaseous pollutants (NO2, SO2, and CO) in China: daily seamless mapping and spatiotemporal variations
J Wei, Z Li, J Wang, C Li, P Gupta, M Cribb
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 23 (2), 1511-1532, 2023
Performance of MODIS Collection 6.1 Level 3 aerosol products in spatial-temporal variations over land
J Wei, Y Peng, J Guo, L Sun
Atmospheric Environment 206, 30-44, 2019
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