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The Cyphomyrus Myers 1960 (Osteoglossiformes: Mormyridae) of the Lufira basin (Upper Lualaba: DR Congo): A generic reassignment and the description of a …
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Description of a new small‐sized Synodontis species (Siluriformes: Mochokidae) that is important for local subsistence fisheries in the middle Lufira (upper Congo …
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A new Parakneria Poll 1965 (Gonorhynchiformes: Kneriidae), ‘Mikinkidi’ from the Upper Lufira Basin (Upper Congo: DRC): Evidence from a morphologic and DNA …
P Kiwele Mutambala, E Abwe, FDB Schedel, A Chocha Manda, ...
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Sharing is caring? Barcoding suggests co-introduction of dactylogyrid monogeneans with Nile tilapia and transfer towards native tilapias in sub-Saharan Africa
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