Catia Attanasio
Catia Attanasio
Post-Doc, UNIL
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Targeted deletion of the 9p21 non-coding coronary artery disease risk interval in mice
A Visel, Y Zhu, D May, V Afzal, E Gong, C Attanasio, MJ Blow, JC Cohen, ...
Nature 464 (7287), 409-412, 2010
Rapid and pervasive changes in genome-wide enhancer usage during mammalian development
AS Nord, MJ Blow, C Attanasio, JA Akiyama, A Holt, R Hosseini, ...
Cell 155 (7), 1521-1531, 2013
Fine tuning of craniofacial morphology by distant-acting enhancers
C Attanasio, AS Nord, Y Zhu, MJ Blow, Z Li, DK Liberton, H Morrison, ...
Science 342 (6157), 1241006, 2013
Disease-Causing 7.4 kb Cis-Regulatory Deletion Disrupting Conserved Non-Coding Sequences and Their Interaction with the FOXL2 Promotor: Implications for …
B D'haene, C Attanasio, D Beysen, J Dostie, E Lemire, P Bouchard, ...
PLoS genetics 5 (6), e1000522, 2009
Identification of Novel Craniofacial Regulatory Domains Located far Upstream of SOX9 and Disrupted in Pierre Robin Sequence
CT Gordon, C Attanasio, S Bhatia, S Benko, M Ansari, TY Tan, A Munnich, ...
Human mutation 35 (8), 1011-1020, 2014
Tissue-specific SMARCA4 binding at active and repressed regulatory elements during embryogenesis
C Attanasio, AS Nord, Y Zhu, MJ Blow, SC Biddie, EM Mendenhall, ...
Genome research 24 (6), 920-929, 2014
An etiologic regulatory mutation in IRF6 with loss- and gain-of-function effects
WD Fakhouri, F Rahimov, C Attanasio, EN Kouwenhoven, ...
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The molecular basis of inherited afibrinogenaemia
M Neerman-Arbez
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Outcome of donor splice site mutations accounting for congenital afibrinogenemia reflects order of intron removal in the fibrinogen alpha gene (FGA)
C Attanasio, A David, M Neerman-Arbez
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 101 (5), 1851-1856, 2003
Activation of multiple cryptic donor splice sites by the common congenital afibrinogenemia mutation, FGA IVS4 + 1 G→T
C Attanasio, P de Moerloose, SE Antonarakis, MA Morris, ...
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 97 (6), 1879-1881, 2001
A systematic enhancer screen using lentivector transgenesis identifies conserved and non-conserved functional elements at the Olig1 and Olig2 locus
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A liver enhancer in the fibrinogen gene cluster
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Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 117 (1), 276-282, 2011
Assaying the regulatory potential of mammalian conserved non-coding sequences in human cells
C Attanasio, A Reymond, R Humbert, R Lyle, MS Kuehn, S Neph, ...
Genome biology 9, 1-12, 2008
Transcriptional activation by bidirectional RNA polymerase II elongation over a silent promoter
O Leupin, C Attanasio, S Marguerat, M Tapernoux, SE Antonarakis, ...
EMBO reports 6 (10), 956-960, 2005
Cleft palate as distinguishing feature in a patient with GABRB3 epileptic encephalopathy
D Bamborschke, M Pergande, HS Daimagueler, E Mangold, J Doetsch, ...
Neuropediatrics 50 (06), 378-381, 2019
Leveraging biobank-scale rare and common variant analyses to identify ASPHD1 as the main driver of reproductive traits in the 16p11.2 locus
K Männik, T Arbogast, M Lepamets, K Lepik, A Pellaz, H Ademi, ...
BioRxiv, 716415, 2019
Differential alternative splicing analysis links variation in ZRSR2 to a novel type of oral-facial-digital syndrome
L Hannes, M Atzori, A Goldenberg, J Argente, T Attie-Bitach, J Amiel, ...
Genetics in Medicine 26 (4), 101059, 2024
Comparison of human dental tissue RNA extraction methods for RNA sequencing
Z Zhao, C Attanasio, MS Pedano, MC de Llano-Pérula
Archives of Oral Biology 148, 105646, 2023
Pleiotropic effects of trisomy and pharmacologic modulation on structural, functional, molecular, and genetic systems in a Down syndrome mouse model
S Llambrich, B Tielemans, E Saliën, M Atzori, K Wouters, V Van Bulck, ...
Elife 12, RP89763, 2024
Terminal triplications of 1p36. 3, including GABRD and SKI, are causing a remarkable overlapping facial and developmental phenotype
E Pelgrims, L Hannes, M Atzori, C Attanasio, SA Lynch, M Hoffer, ...
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