Yuning Mao
Yuning Mao
AI Research Scientist, Meta
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Generation-augmented retrieval for open-domain question answering
Y Mao, P He, X Liu, Y Shen, J Gao, J Han, W Chen
ACL 2021, 2021
Hierarchical Text Classification with Reinforced Label Assignment
Y Mao, J Tian, J Han, X Ren
EMNLP 2019, 2019
End-to-end reinforcement learning for automatic taxonomy induction
Y Mao, X Ren, J Shen, X Gu, J Han
ACL 2018, 2018
AutoKnow: Self-Driving Knowledge Collection for Products of Thousands of Types
XL Dong, X He, A Kan, X Li, Y Liang, J Ma, YE Xu, C Zhang, T Zhao, ...
KDD 2020, 2020
AceMap: A novel approach towards displaying relationship among academic literatures
Z Tan, C Liu, Y Mao, Y Guo, J Shen, X Wang
WWW 2016 Companion, 2016
Generating Representative Headlines for News Stories
X Gu, Y Mao, J Han, J Liu, Y Wu, C Yu, D Finnie, H Yu, J Zhai, N Zukoski
WWW 2020, 2020
Modeling Topic-Level Academic Influence in Scientific Literatures.
J Shen, Z Song, S Li, Z Tan, Y Mao, L Fu, L Song, X Wang
AAAI 2016 Companion, 2016
Constrained abstractive summarization: Preserving factual consistency with constrained generation
Y Mao, X Ren, H Ji, J Han
arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.12723, 2020
Multi-document Summarization with Maximal Marginal Relevance-guided Reinforcement Learning
Y Mao, Y Qu, Y Xie, X Ren, J Han
EMNLP 2020, 2020
Octet: Online Catalog Taxonomy Enrichment with Self-Supervision
Y Mao, T Zhao, A Kan, C Zhang, XL Dong, C Faloutsos, J Han
KDD 2020, 2020
Facet-Aware Evaluation for Extractive Summarization
Y Mao, L Liu, Q Zhu, X Ren, J Han
ACL 2020, 2019
Taxonomy Completion via Triplet Matching Network
J Zhang, X Song, Y Zeng, J Shen, Y Mao, L Li
AAAI 2021, 2021
Rider: Reader-Guided Passage Reranking for Open-Domain Question Answering
Y Mao, P He, X Liu, Y Shen, J Gao, J Han, W Chen
Findings of ACL 2021, 2021
Learning Collaborative Agents with Rule Guidance for Knowledge Graph Reasoning
D Lei, G Jiang, X Gu, K Sun, Y Mao, X Ren
EMNLP 2020, 2020
Unipelt: A unified framework for parameter-efficient language model tuning
Y Mao, L Mathias, R Hou, A Almahairi, H Ma, J Han, W Yih, M Khabsa
ACL 2022, 2022
Eider: Evidence-enhanced Document-level Relation Extraction
Y Xie, J Shen, S Li, Y Mao, J Han
Findings of ACL 2022, 2022
SAIS: Supervising and Augmenting Intermediate Steps for Document-Level Relation Extraction
Y Xiao, Z Zhang, Y Mao, C Yang, J Han
NAACL 2022, 2022
CiteSum: Citation Text-guided Scientific Extreme Summarization and Low-resource Domain Adaptation
Y Mao, M Zhong, J Han
arXiv preprint arXiv:2205.06207, 2022
Eider: Empowering Document-level Relation Extraction with Efficient Evidence Extraction and Inference-stage Fusion
Y Xie, J Shen, S Li, Y Mao, J Han
Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics: ACL 2022, 257-268, 2022
Unsupervised Summarization with Customized Granularities
M Zhong, Y Liu, S Ge, Y Mao, Y Jiao, X Zhang, Y Xu, C Zhu, M Zeng, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2201.12502, 2022
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