Antti Uusitalo
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Siloxanes as working fluids for mini-ORC systems based on high-speed turbogenerator technology
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Design and experiments of two-stage intercooled electrically assisted turbocharger
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Working fluid selection and design of small-scale waste heat recovery systems based on organic Rankine cycles
A Uusitalo
Lappeenranta University of Technology, 2014
Design and flow analysis of a supersonic small scale ORC turbine stator with high molecular complexity working fluid
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Numerical analysis of working fluids for large scale centrifugal compressor driven cascade heat pumps upgrading waste heat
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Design of a 400 kW gas turbine prototype
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Suitability of siloxanes for a miniORC turbogenerator based on high-speed technology
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Design and verification of a hermetic high-speed turbogenerator concept for biomass and waste heat recovery applications
A Grönman, J Nerg, E Sikanen, T Sillanpää, N Nevaranta, E Scherman, ...
Energy Conversion and Management 225, 113427, 2020
Background and summary of commercial ORC development and exploitation
J Larjola, A Uusitalo, T Turunen-Saaresti
Proceedings of the First International Seminar on ORC Power Systems, Delft …, 2011
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