Marina Battaglia
Marina Battaglia
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An Observational Overview of Solar Flares
L Fletcher, BR Dennis, HS Hudson, S Krucker, K Phillips, A Veronig, ...
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Implications of X-ray Observations for Electron Acceleration and Propagation in Solar Flares
GD Holman, MJ Aschwanden, H Aurass, M Battaglia, PC Grigis, ...
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S Krucker, M Battaglia, PJ Cargill, L Fletcher, HS Hudson, AL MacKinnon, ...
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M Battaglia, AO Benz
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Microflares and the Statistics of X-ray Flares
IG Hannah, HS Hudson, M Battaglia, S Christe, J Kašparová, S Krucker, ...
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Size dependence of solar X-ray flare properties
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Observations of conduction driven evaporation in the early rise phase of solar flares
M Battaglia, L Fletcher, AO Benz
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EP Kontar, IG Hannah, NLS Jeffrey, M Battaglia
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RHESSI and SDO/AIA observations of the chromospheric and coronal plasma parameters during a solar flare
M Battaglia, EP Kontar
arXiv preprint arXiv:1210.3367, 2012
Height structure of X-ray, EUV, and white-light emission in a solar flare
M Battaglia, EP Kontar
Astronomy & Astrophysics 533, 2011
Observational evidence for return currents in solar flare loops
M Battaglia, AO Benz
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Exploring the connection between coronal and footpoint sources in a thin-thick target solar flare model
M Battaglia, AO Benz
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Hard X-ray footpoint sizes and positions as diagnostics of flare accelerated energetic electrons in the low solar atmosphere
M Battaglia, EP Kontar
The Astrophysical Journal 735, 42, 2011
Do solar decimetric spikes originate in coronal X-ray sources?
M Battaglia, AO Benz
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Location of Decimetric Pulsations in Solar Flares
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M Battaglia, EP Kontar, L Fletcher, AL MacKinnon
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The influence of albedo on the size of hard X-ray flare sources
M Battaglia, EP Kontar, IG Hannah
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Particle acceleration in solar flares: observations versus numerical simulations
AO Benz, PC Grigis, M Battaglia
Plasma physics and controlled fusion 48 (12B), B115, 2006
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