Luigi N.A. Palatella
Luigi N.A. Palatella
Liceo Scientifico "C. De Giorgi", Lecce (ITALY)
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Power-law time distribution of large earthquakes
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Intermittency and scale-free networks: a dynamical model for human language complexity
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Seasonal heterogeneity of ocean warming: a mortality sink for ectotherm colonizers
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Climate change assessment for Mediterranean agricultural areas by statistical downscaling
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Lagrangian simulations and interannual variability of anchovy egg and larva dispersal in the Sicily Channel
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Chaos and weather forecasting: the role of the unstable subspace in predictability and state estimation problems
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Absorption and emission in the non-Poissonian case
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Planktonic stages of small pelagic fishes (Sardinella aurita and Engraulis encrasicolus) in the central Mediterranean Sea: The key role of physical forcings and implications …
M Torri, R Corrado, F Falcini, A Cuttitta, L Palatella, G Lacorata, B Patti, ...
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Non-Poisson dichotomous noise: Higher-order correlation functions and aging
P Allegrini, P Grigolini, L Palatella, BJ West
Physical Review E 70 (4), 046118, 2004
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