Leena Latonen
Leena Latonen
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Diagnostic assessment of deep learning algorithms for detection of lymph node metastases in women with breast cancer
BE Bejnordi, M Veta, PJ Van Diest, B Van Ginneken, N Karssemeijer, ...
Jama 318 (22), 2199-2210, 2017
Nucleolar protein NPM interacts with HDM2 and protects tumor suppressor protein p53 from HDM2-mediated degradation
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Cellular UV damage responses—functions of tumor suppressor p53
L Latonen, M Laiho
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Reviews on Cancer 1755 (2), 71-89, 2005
Androgen-regulated miR-32 targets BTG2 and is overexpressed in castration-resistant prostate cancer
SE Jalava, A Urbanucci, L Latonen, KK Waltering, B Sahu, OA Jänne, ...
Oncogene 31 (41), 4460-4471, 2012
hTERT antagonizes p53-induced apoptosis independently of telomerase activity
R Rahman, L Latonen, KG Wiman
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Cell cycle arrest and apoptosis provoked by UV radiation‐induced DNA damage are transcriptionally highly divergent responses
M Gentile, L Latonen, M Laiho
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Androgen regulation of micro‐RNAs in prostate cancer
KK Waltering, KP Porkka, SE Jalava, A Urbanucci, PJ Kohonen, ...
The Prostate 71 (6), 604-614, 2011
Overexpression of androgen receptor enhances the binding of the receptor to the chromatin in prostate cancer
A Urbanucci, B Sahu, J Seppälä, A Larjo, LM Latonen, KK Waltering, ...
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UV-radiation induces dose-dependent regulation of p53 response and modulates p53-HDM2 interaction in human fibroblasts
L Latonen, Y Taya, M Laiho
Oncogene 20 (46), 6784-6793, 2001
Cellular stress and DNA damage invoke temporally distinct Mdm2, p53 and PML complexes and damage-specific nuclear relocalization
S Kurki, L Latonen, M Laiho
Journal of cell science 116 (19), 3917-3925, 2003
Proteasome inhibitors induce nucleolar aggregation of proteasome target proteins and polyadenylated RNA by altering ubiquitin availability
L Latonen, HM Moore, B Bai, S Jäämaa, M Laiho
Oncogene 30 (7), 790-805, 2011
Redox state of tumor suppressor p53 regulates its sequence-specific DNA binding in DNA-damaged cells by cysteine 277
J Buzek, L Latonen, S Kurki, K Peltonen, M Laiho
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Quantitative proteomics and dynamic imaging of the nucleolus reveal distinct responses to UV and ionizing radiation
HM Moore, B Bai, FM Boisvert, L Latonen, V Rantanen, JC Simpson, ...
Molecular & cellular proteomics 10 (10), 2011
Integrative proteomics in prostate cancer uncovers robustness against genomic and transcriptomic aberrations during disease progression
L Latonen, E Afyounian, A Jylhä, J Nättinen, U Aapola, M Annala, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-13, 2018
Cell cycle control, DNA damage checkpoints and cancer
M Laiho, L Latonen
Annals of medicine 35 (6), 391-397, 2003
Transcriptome sequencing reveals PCAT5 as a novel ERG-regulated long noncoding RNA in prostate cancer
A Ylipää, K Kivinummi, A Kohvakka, M Annala, L Latonen, M Scaravilli, ...
Cancer research 75 (19), 4026-4031, 2015
Nucleolar aggresomes as counterparts of cytoplasmic aggresomes in proteotoxic stress: Proteasome inhibitors induce nuclear ribonucleoprotein inclusions that accumulate several …
L Latonen
Bioessays 33 (5), 386-395, 2011
Phase-to-phase with nucleoli–stress responses, protein aggregation and novel roles of RNA
L Latonen
Frontiers in cellular neuroscience 13, 151, 2019
Constitutively active androgen receptor splice variants AR-V3, AR-V7 and AR-V9 are co-expressed in castration-resistant prostate cancer metastases
HML Kallio, R Hieta, L Latonen, A Brofeldt, M Annala, K Kivinummi, ...
British journal of cancer 119 (3), 347-356, 2018
CCHCR1 is up-regulated in skin cancer and associated with EGFR expression
S Suomela, O Elomaa, T Skoog, R Ala-aho, L Jeskanen, J Pärssinen, ...
PloS one 4 (6), e6030, 2009
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