Basilio Calderone
Basilio Calderone
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Que savons-nous de la liaison aujourd'hui?
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GLÀFF, a large versatile French lexicon
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Learning paradigms in time and space. Computational evidence from Romance languages
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Glàff, un gros lexique à tout faire du français
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A multitude of linguistically-rich features for authorship attribution
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Non-locality all the way through: Emergent Global Constraints in the Italian Morphological Lexicon
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French liaison and the lexical repository
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La liaison en français contemporain: approches lexicales et exemplaristes
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Learning Phonological Categories by Independent Component Analysis∗
B Calderone
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Ne jetons pas le Wiktionnaire avec l'oripeau du Web! Etudes et réalisations fondées sur le dictionnaire collaboratif
F Sajous, N Hathout, B Calderone
4ème Congrès Mondial de Linguistique Française (CMLF 2014), 663-680, 2014
Authorship Attribution: Using Rich Linguistic Features when Training Data is Scarce.
L Tanguy, F Sajous, B Calderone, N Hathout
PAN Lab at CLEF, -, 2012
Hybrid method for stress prediction applied to GLAFF-IT, a large-scale Italian lexicon
B Calderone, M Pascoli, F Sajous, N Hathout
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GLAW-IT: A free large Italian dictionary encoded in a fine-grained XML format
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Innovare il welfare per la terza età
B Calderone, S Laffi
Franco Angeli, 2005
13. French Liaison in the Light of Corpus Phonology: From Lexical Information to Patterns of Usage Variation
B Laks, B Calderone, C Celata
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Enriched sublexical representations to access morphological structures. A psycho-computational account.
C Celata, B Calderone, F Montermini
TAL 52 (2), 123-149, 2011
Analisi dei fattori psico-sociali e sanitari che hanno introdotto i cittadini all’uso non appropriato del Pronto Soccorso nella AUSL di Ravenna nel 2008
F Di Tommaso, P Falasca, B Calderone, MA Nicoli, A Berardo, A Rossi
Nota Istituto Superiore della Sanità, 2010
Acquisition and enrichment of morphological and morphosemantic knowledge from the French Wiktionary
N Hathout, F Sajous, B Calderone
Workshop on Lexical and Grammatical Resources for Language Processing …, 2014
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