John Bryden
John Bryden
Executive Director at the Observatory on Social Media
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Threats to an ecosystem service: pressures on pollinators
AJ Vanbergen, IP Initiative
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 11, 251–259, 2013
Chronic sublethal stress causes bee colony failure
J Bryden, RJ Gill, RAA Mitton, NE Raine, VAA Jansen
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Interspecific competition in honeybee intracellular gut parasites is asymmetric and favours the spread of an emerging infectious disease
ME Natsopoulou, DP McMahon, V Doublet, J Bryden, RJ Paxton
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J Bryden, N Cohen
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Twitter users change word usage according to conversation-partner social identity
N Tamburrini, M Cinnirella, VAA Jansen, J Bryden
Social Networks 40, 84-89, 2015
Dynamic transmission, host quality, and population structure in a multihost parasite of bumblebees
MX Ruiz‐González, J Bryden, Y Moret, C Reber‐Funk, P Schmid‐Hempel, ...
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Word usage mirrors community structure in the online social network Twitter
J Bryden, S Funk, VAA Jansen
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Stability in flux: community structure in dynamic networks
J Bryden, S Funk, N Geard, S Bullock, VAA Jansen
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A simulation model of the locomotion controllers for the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
J Bryden, N Cohen
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An integrated neuro-mechanical model of C. elegans forward locomotion
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From artificial societies to new social science theory
E Silverman, J Bryden
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Embodied conversations: performance and the design of a robotic dancing partner
M Wallis, S Popat, J McKinney, J Bryden, DC Hogg
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Computational modelling, explicit mathematical treatments, and scientific explanation
J Bryden, J Noble
MIT Press, 2006
Resurgent Insurgents: Quantitative Research Into Jihadists Who Get Suspended but Return on Twitter
S Wright, D Denney, A Pinkerton, VAA Jansen, J Bryden
Journal of Terrorism Research 7 (2), 1-13, 2016
The COVID-19 Infodemic: Twitter versus Facebook
KC Yang, F Pierri, PM Hui, D Axelrod, C Torres-Lugo, J Bryden, ...
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The impact of clonal mixing on the evolution of social behaviour in aphids
J Bryden, VAA Jansen
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Building artificial personalities: expressive communication channels based on an interlingua for a human-robot dance
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Slime mould and the transition to multicellularity: the role of the macrocyst stage
J Bryden
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Underlying socio-political processes behind the 2016 US election
J Bryden, E Silverman
Plos one 14 (4), e0214854, 2019
How humans transmit language: horizontal transmission matches word frequencies among peers on Twitter
J Bryden, SP Wright, VAA Jansen
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 15 (139), 20170738, 2018
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