Jan Brauner
Jan Brauner
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Inferring the effectiveness of government interventions against COVID-19
JM Brauner, S Mindermann, M Sharma, D Johnston, J Salvatier, ...
Science 371 (6531), eabd9338, 2021
New insights into neutrophil extracellular traps: mechanisms of formation and role in inflammation
H Yang, MH Biermann, JM Brauner, Y Liu, Y Zhao, M Herrmann
Frontiers in immunology 7, 302, 2016
Understanding the effectiveness of government interventions against the resurgence of COVID-19 in Europe
M Sharma, S Mindermann, C Rogers-Smith, G Leech, B Snodin, J Ahuja, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 5820, 2021
Nanoparticles size-dependently initiate self-limiting NETosis-driven inflammation
LE Muñoz, R Bilyy, MHC Biermann, D Kienhöfer, C Maueröder, J Hahn, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (40), E5856-E5865, 2016
Changing composition of SARS-CoV-2 lineages and rise of Delta variant in England
S Mishra, S Mindermann, M Sharma, C Whittaker, TA Mellan, T Wilton, ...
EClinicalMedicine 39, 2021
Mask wearing in community settings reduces SARS-CoV-2 transmission
G Leech, C Rogers-Smith, JT Monrad, JB Sandbrink, B Snodin, R Zinkov, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (23), e2119266119, 2022
Prioritized training on points that are learnable, worth learning, and not yet learnt
S Mindermann, JM Brauner, MT Razzak, M Sharma, A Kirsch, W Xu, ...
International Conference on Machine Learning, 15630-15649, 2022
Is the cure really worse than the disease? The health impacts of lockdowns during COVID-19
G Meyerowitz-Katz, S Bhatt, O Ratmann, JM Brauner, S Flaxman, ...
BMJ global health 6 (8), e006653, 2021
Surface code—biophysical signals for apoptotic cell clearance
M Biermann, C Maueröder, JM Brauner, R Chaurio, C Janko, M Herrmann, ...
Physical biology 10 (6), 065007, 2013
Seasonal variation in SARS-CoV-2 transmission in temperate climates: A Bayesian modelling study in 143 European regions
T Gavenčiak, JT Monrad, G Leech, M Sharma, S Mindermann, S Bhatt, ...
PLoS computational biology 18 (8), e1010435, 2022
Measuring faithfulness in chain-of-thought reasoning
T Lanham, A Chen, A Radhakrishnan, B Steiner, C Denison, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2307.13702, 2023
Managing AI Risks in an Era of Rapid Progress
Y Bengio, G Hinton, A Yao, D Song, P Abbeel, YN Harari, YQ Zhang, ...
How Robust are the Estimated Effects of Nonpharmaceutical Interventions against COVID-19?
M Sharma, S Mindermann, JM Brauner, G Leech, AB Stephenson, ...
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 33 (Spotlight), 2020
Spot quantification in two dimensional gel electrophoresis image analysis: comparison of different approaches and presentation of a novel compound fitting algorithm
JM Brauner, TW Groemer, A Stroebel, S Grosse-Holz, T Oberstein, ...
BMC bioinformatics 15, 1-12, 2014
Question decomposition improves the faithfulness of model-generated reasoning
A Radhakrishnan, K Nguyen, A Chen, C Chen, C Denison, D Hernandez, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2307.11768, 2023
Mapping global dynamics of benchmark creation and saturation in artificial intelligence
S Ott, A Barbosa-Silva, K Blagec, J Brauner, M Samwald
Nature Communications 13 (1), 6793, 2022
Risperidone inhibits voltage-gated sodium channels
JM Brauner, S Hessler, TW Groemer, C Alzheimer, T Huth
European Journal of Pharmacology 728, 100-106, 2014
Effectiveness assessment of non-pharmaceutical interventions: lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic
A Lison, N Banholzer, M Sharma, S Mindermann, HJT Unwin, S Mishra, ...
The Lancet Public Health 8 (4), e311-e317, 2023
The antidepressant fluoxetine mobilizes vesicles to the recycling pool of rat hippocampal synapses during high activity
J Jung, K Loy, EM Schilling, M Röther, JM Brauner, T Huth, ...
Molecular neurobiology 49, 916-930, 2014
All‐cause versus cause‐specific excess deaths for estimating influenza‐associated mortality in Denmark, Spain, and the United States
SSS Schmidt, AD Iuliano, LS Vestergaard, C Mazagatos‐Ateca, A Larrauri, ...
Influenza and other respiratory viruses 16 (4), 707-716, 2022
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