Heikki Remes
Heikki Remes
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Influence of grain size distribution on the Hall–Petch relationship of welded structural steel
P Lehto, H Remes, T Saukkonen, H Hänninen, J Romanoff
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J Romanoff, H Remes, G Socha, M Jutila, P Varsta
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I Lillemäe, H Lammi, L Molter, H Remes
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W Fricke, A Bollero, I Chirica, Y Garbatov, F Jancart, A Kahl, H Remes, ...
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S Liinalampi, H Remes, P Lehto, I Lillemäe, J Romanoff, D Porter
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J Romanoff, P Varsta, H Remes
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M Kõrgesaar, J Romanoff, H Remes, P Palokangas
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Fatigue strength of laser-welded thin-plate ship structures based on nominal and structural hot-spot stress approach
W Fricke, H Remes, O Feltz, I Lillemäe, D Tchuindjang, T Reinert, ...
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I Lillemäe, S Liinalampi, H Remes, A Itävuo, A Niemelä
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Influence of surface integrity on the fatigue strength of high-strength steels
H Remes, E Korhonen, P Lehto, J Romanoff, A Niemelä, P Hiltunen, ...
Journal of Constructional Steel Research 89, 21-29, 2013
Strain-based approach to fatigue crack initiation and propagation in welded steel joints with arbitrary notch shape
H Remes
International Journal of Fatigue 52, 114-123, 2013
Strain accumulation during microstructurally small fatigue crack propagation in bcc Fe-Cr ferritic stainless steel
E Malitckii, H Remes, P Lehto, Y Yagodzinskyy, S Bossuyt, H Hänninen
Acta Materialia 144, 51-59, 2018
Influence of load length on short-term ice load statistics in full-scale
M Suominen, P Kujala, J Romanoff, H Remes
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Size dependent response of large shell elements under in-plane tensile loading
M Kõrgesaar, H Remes, J Romanoff
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Continuum approach to fatigue crack initiation and propagation in welded steel joints
H Remes, P Varsta, J Romanoff
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Characterisation of local grain size variation of welded structural steel
P Lehto, J Romanoff, H Remes, T Sarikka
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D Frank, J Romanoff, H Remes
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Statistics of weld geometry for laser-hybrid welded joints and its application within notch stress approach
H Remes, P Varsta
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Influencing factors on fatigue strength of welded thin plates based on structural stress assessment
H Remes, W Fricke
Welding in the World 58 (6), 915-923, 2014
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