Vishrawas Gopalakrishnan
Vishrawas Gopalakrishnan
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A survey on literature based discovery approaches in biomedical domain
V Gopalakrishnan, K Jha, W Jin, A Zhang
Journal of biomedical informatics 93, 103141, 2019
Topic discovery for short texts using word embeddings
G Xun, V Gopalakrishnan, F Ma, Y Li, J Gao, A Zhang
2016 IEEE 16th international conference on data mining (ICDM), 1299-1304, 2016
Matching product titles using web-based enrichment
V Gopalakrishnan, SP Iyengar, A Madaan, R Rastogi, S Sengamedu
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Generating medical hypotheses based on evolutionary medical concepts
G Xun, K Jha, V Gopalakrishnan, Y Li, A Zhang
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Collaborative restricted Boltzmann machine for social event recommendation
X Jia, X Li, K Li, V Gopalakrishnan, G Xun, A Zhang
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Tracking temporal community strength in dynamic networks
N Du, X Jia, J Gao, V Gopalakrishnan, A Zhang
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Matching titles with cross title web-search enrichment and community detection
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Towards self-learning based hypotheses generation in biomedical text domain
V Gopalakrishnan, K Jha, G Xun, HQ Ngo, A Zhang
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Concepts-bridges: Uncovering conceptual bridges based on biomedical concept evolution
K Jha, G Xun, Y Wang, V Gopalakrishnan, A Zhang
Proceedings of the 24th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge …, 2018
Generating Hypothesis: Using Global and Local Features in Graph to Discover New Knowledge from Medical Literature
WJ Vishrawas Gopalakrishnan, Kishlay Jha, Aidong Zhang
BiCoB, 2016
A survey on context learning
G Xun, X Jia, V Gopalakrishnan, A Zhang
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Advances in social networks analysis and mining (asonam)
F Lin, WW Cohen
2010 International conference on, 192-199, 2010
Augmenting word embeddings through external knowledge-base for biomedical application
K Jha, G Xun, V Gopalakrishnan, A Zhang
2017 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data), 1965-1974, 2017
Pre-authorization process using blockchain
F Lu, U Kartoun, SN Mahatma, V Gopalakrishnan
US Patent App. 16/124,318, 2020
Dwe-med: Dynamic word embeddings for medical domain
K Jha, G Xun, V Gopalakrishnan, A Zhang
ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD) 13 (2), 1-21, 2019
Globally local: Hyper-local modeling for accurate forecast of COVID-19
V Gopalakrishnan, S Pethe, S Kefayati, R Srinivasan, P Hake, ...
Epidemics 37, 100510, 2021
Time-independent and language-independent extraction of multiword expressions from Twitter
N Londhe, RK Srihari, V Gopalakrishnan
Proceedings of COLING 2016, the 26th International Conference on …, 2016
De-noise biological network from heterogeneous sources via link propagation
N Du, J Gao, V Gopalakrishnan, A Zhang
2012 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine, 1-6, 2012
Autonomous system for hypotheses generation
V Gopalakrishnan, KN Tran, F Lu, GYC Yuen-Reed
US Patent 11,132,622, 2021
Indicating in an electronic communication session a concentration level score of a user participating in the electronic communication session
PR Bastide, V Gopalakrishnan, P Madan, F Lu
US Patent 10,904,347, 2021
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