Maria José Pinto Bernal
Maria José Pinto Bernal
PhD Research Assistant (Ghent University - imec)
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Social robots in therapy and care
CA Cifuentes, MJ Pinto, N Céspedes, M Múnera
Current Robotics Reports 1, 59-74, 2020
Gait phase detection for lower-limb exoskeletons using foot motion data from a single inertial measurement unit in hemiparetic individuals
MD Sánchez Manchola, MJP Bernal, M Munera, CA Cifuentes
Sensors 19 (13), 2988, 2019
An open-source social robot based on compliant soft robotics for therapy with children with ASD
D Casas-Bocanegra, D Gomez-Vargas, MJ Pinto-Bernal, J Maldonado, ...
Actuators 9 (3), 91, 2020
Machine learning approach for fatigue estimation in sit-to-stand exercise
A Aguirre, MJ Pinto, CA Cifuentes, O Perdomo, CAR Díaz, M Múnera
Sensors 21 (15), 5006, 2021
Therapy with t-flex ankle-exoskeleton for motor recovery: A case study with a stroke survivor
D Gomez-Vargas, MJ Pinto-Betnal, F Ballén-Moreno, M Múnera, ...
2020 8th IEEE RAS/EMBS International Conference for Biomedical Robotics and …, 2020
A data-driven approach to physical fatigue management using wearable sensors to classify four diagnostic fatigue states
MJ Pinto-Bernal, CA Cifuentes, O Perdomo, M Rincón-Roncancio, ...
Sensors 21 (19), 6401, 2021
Wearable sensors for monitoring exercise and fatigue estimation in rehabilitation
MJ Pinto-Bernal, A Aguirre, CA Cifuentes, M Munera
Internet of Medical Things, 83-110, 2021
Physical Human-Robot Interaction Through Hugs with CASTOR Robot
M Gaitán-Padilla, JC Maldonado-Mejía, L Fonseca, MJ Pinto-Bernal, ...
Social Robotics: 13th International Conference, ICSR 2021, Singapore …, 2021
Physical human-robot interaction influence in ASD therapy through an affordable soft social robot
MJ Pinto-Bernal, N Cespedes, P Castro, M Munera, CA Cifuentes
Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems 105 (3), 67, 2022
Do different robot appearances change emotion recognition in children with ASD?
MJ Pinto-Bernal, SD Sierra M, M Munera, D Casas, A Villa-Moreno, ...
Frontiers in Neurorobotics 17, 1044491, 2023
Introduction to Robotics for Gait Assistance and Rehabilitation
CA Cifuentes, M Múnera, SD Sierra M, L Arciniegas-Mayag, M Bautista, ...
Interfacing Humans and Robots for Gait Assistance and Rehabilitation, 1-41, 2022
Limitations of Audiovisual Speech on Robots for Second Language Pronunciation Learning
S Amioka, R Janssens, P Wolfert, Q Ren, MJ Pinto Bernal, T Belpaeme
Proceedings of the 2023 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot …, 2023
Experiences of Clinicians Using Rehabilitation Robotics
CA Cifuentes, M Múnera, M Múnera, MJ Pinto-Bernal, N Zwickl, ...
Interfacing Humans and Robots for Gait Assistance and Rehabilitation, 349-375, 2022
Sensing Methodologies for Gait Parameters Estimation and Control
CA Cifuentes, M Múnera, MJ Pinto-Bernal, SD Sierra M, M Múnera, ...
Interfacing Humans and Robots for Gait Assistance and Rehabilitation, 143-168, 2022
Development of a fatigue estimation model for physical rehabilitation exercises
MJ Pinto Bernal
Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria, 2021
Evaluation of the CASTOR social robot in children’s therapy with ASD in social skills
M Gaitán-Padilla, MJ Pinto-Bernal, JC Maldonado-Mejía, CA Cifuentes
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