Bernd Oschmann
Bernd Oschmann
BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Germany
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Extraordinary Performance of Carbon‐Coated Anatase TiO2 as Sodium‐Ion Anode
MN Tahir, B Oschmann, D Buchholz, X Dou, I Lieberwirth, M Panthöfer, ...
Advanced energy materials 6 (4), 1501489, 2016
Copolymerization of polythiophene and sulfur to improve the electrochemical performance in lithium–sulfur batteries
B Oschmann, J Park, C Kim, K Char, YE Sung, R Zentel
Chemistry of Materials 27 (20), 7011-7017, 2015
Light-Mediated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization of Semi-Fluorinated (Meth)acrylates: Facile Access to Functional Materials
EH Discekici, A Anastasaki, R Kaminker, J Willenbacher, NP Truong, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2017
Carbon-coated anatase TiO2 nanotubes for Li-and Na-ion anodes
D Bresser, B Oschmann, MN Tahir, F Mueller, I Lieberwirth, W Tremel, ...
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One‐Pot Synthesis of ABCDE Multiblock Copolymers with Hydrophobic, Hydrophilic, and Semi‐Fluorinated Segments
A Anastasaki, B Oschmann, J Willenbacher, A Melker, MHC Van Son, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (46), 14483-14487, 2017
Effects of Tailored Dispersity on the Self-Assembly of Dimethylsiloxane–Methyl Methacrylate Block Co-Oligomers
B Oschmann, J Lawrence, MW Schulze, JM Ren, A Anastasaki, Y Luo, ...
ACS Macro Letters 6 (7), 668-673, 2017
Polyacrylonitrile Block Copolymers for the Preparation of a Thin Carbon Coating Around TiO2 Nanorods for Advanced Lithium‐Ion Batteries
B Oschmann, D Bresser, MN Tahir, K Fischer, W Tremel, S Passerini, ...
Macromolecular rapid communications 34 (21), 1693-1700, 2013
High Sulfur Content Material with Stable Cycling in Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
MB Preefer, B Oschmann, CJ Hawker, R Seshadri, F Wudl
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2017
Read de Alaniz, J.; Davis, TP; Bates, CM; Hawker, CJ Light-mediated atom transfer radical polymerization of semi-fluorinated (meth)-acrylates: Facile access to functional materials
EH Discekici, A Anastasaki, R Kaminker, J Willenbacher, NP Truong, ...
J. Am. Chem. Soc 139 (16), 5939-5945, 2017
Precursor Polymers for the Carbon Coating of Au@ ZnO Multipods for Application as Active Material in Lithium‐Ion Batteries
B Oschmann, MN Tahir, F Mueller, D Bresser, I Lieberwirth, W Tremel, ...
Macromolecular Rapid Communications 36 (11), 1075-1082, 2015
Synthesis and characterization of carbon coated sponge-like tin oxide (SnO x) films and their application as electrode materials in lithium-ion batteries
N Mohri, B Oschmann, N Laszczynski, F Mueller, J von Zamory, MN Tahir, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (2), 612-619, 2016
Dual-pathway chain-end modification of RAFT polymers using visible light and metal-free conditions
EH Discekici, SL Shankel, A Anastasaki, B Oschmann, IH Lee, J Niu, ...
Chemical Communications 53 (11), 1888-1891, 2017
Controlled formation and binding selectivity of discrete Oligo (methyl methacrylate) Stereocomplexes
JM Ren, J Lawrence, AS Knight, A Abdilla, RB Zerdan, AE Levi, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (5), 1945-1951, 2018
Fabrication of single cylindrical Au-coated nanopores with non-homogeneous fixed charge distribution exhibiting high current rectifications
S Nasir, M Ali, P Ramirez, V Gómez, B Oschmann, F Muench, MN Tahir, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (15), 12486-12494, 2014
Stabilizing nanostructured lithium insertion materials via organic hybridization: A step forward towards high-power batteries
D Bresser, B Oschmann, MN Tahir, W Tremel, R Zentel, S Passerini
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Facile hybridization of Ni@ Fe2O3 superparticles with functionalized reduced graphene oxide and its application as anode material in lithium-ion batteries
G Backert, B Oschmann, MN Tahir, F Mueller, I Lieberwirth, B Balke, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 478, 155-163, 2016
Block copolymers from ionic liquids for the preparation of thin carbonaceous shells
S Hanif, B Oschmann, D Spetter, MN Tahir, W Tremel, R Zentel
Beilstein journal of organic chemistry 13 (1), 1693-1701, 2017
Functionalization of P3HT with various mono-and multidentate anchor groups
F Menk, A Fokina, B Oschmann, TA Bauer, Y Nyquist, L Braun, J Kiehl, ...
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society 29 (5), 1076-1085, 2018
Crosslinked disulfide polymers suppress polysulfide shuttle in Li-S batteries
M Preefer, B Oschmann, C Hawker, R Seshadri, F Wudl
Engineering Polymer Structure and Dispersity to Access Designer Materials with Exquisite Properties
J Lawrence, E Goto, B Oschmann, D Kim, JM Ren, CJ Hawker
2017 AIChE Annual Meeting, 2017
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