Denise Tambourgi
Denise Tambourgi
Pesquisadora Científica VI, Instituto Butantan
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IgY: a promising antibody for use in immunodiagnostic and in immunotherapy
WD da Silva, DV Tambourgi
Veterinary immunology and immunopathology 135 (3-4), 173-180, 2010
Sphingomyelinases in the venom of the SpiderLoxosceles intermediaAre responsible for both dermonecrosis and complement-dependent Hemolysis
DV Tambourgi, FC Magnoli, CW van den Berg, BP Morgan, PS de Araujo, ...
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Increments in serum cytokine and nitric oxide levels in mice injected with Bothrops asper and Bothrops jararaca snake venoms
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Interspecific variation in venom composition and toxicity of Brazilian snakes from Bothrops genus
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Spider and bacterial sphingomyelinases D target cellular lysophosphatidic acid receptors by hydrolyzing lysophosphatidylcholine
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Ordered mesoporous silica SBA‐15: A new effective adjuvant to induce antibody response
LP Mercuri, LV Carvalho, FA Lima, C Quayle, MCA Fantini, GS Tanaka, ...
small 2 (2), 254-256, 2006
Transcriptome analysis of Loxosceles laeta (Araneae, Sicariidae) spider venomous gland using expressed sequence tags
MF Fernandes-Pedrosa, ILM Junqueira-de-Azevedo, ...
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Snakebites and scorpion stings in the Brazilian Amazon: identifying research priorities for a largely neglected problem
F Hui Wen, WM Monteiro, AM Moura da Silva, DV Tambourgi, ...
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Immunological parameters related to the adjuvant effect of the ordered mesoporous silica SBA-15
LV Carvalho, RC Ruiz, K Scaramuzzi, EB Marengo, JR Matos, ...
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Molecular cloning and expression of a functional dermonecrotic and haemolytic factor from Loxosceles laeta venom
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Structural basis for metal ion coordination and the catalytic mechanism of sphingomyelinases D
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Loxosceles intermedia spider envenomation induces activation of an endogenous metalloproteinase, resulting in cleavage of glycophorins from the erythrocyte …
DV Tambourgi, BP Morgan, RMG de Andrade, FC Magnoli, ...
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 95 (2), 683-691, 2000
Diversity of Micrurus Snake Species Related to Their Venom Toxic Effects and the Prospective of Antivenom Neutralization
GD Tanaka, MFD Furtado, FCV Portaro, OA Sant'Anna, DV Tambourgi
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 4 (3), e622, 2010
Loxoscelism: From basic research to the proposal of new therapies
DV Tambourgi, RM Gonçalves-de-Andrade, CW van den Berg
Toxicon 56 (7), 1113-1119, 2010
Incorporation of a 35-kilodalton purified protein from Loxosceles intermedia spider venom transforms human erythrocytes into activators of autologous complement alternative …
DV Tambourgi, FC Magnoli, VR Von Eickstedt, ZC Benedetti, ...
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Bothrops asper snake venom and its metalloproteinase BaP–1 activate the complement system. Role in leucocyte recruitment
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Mechanism of neutrophil dysfunction: neutrophil serine proteases cleave and inactivate the C5a receptor
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The Journal of Immunology 192 (4), 1787-1795, 2014
Mechanism of induction of complement susceptibility of erythrocytes by spider and bacterial sphingomyelinases
DV Tambourgi, M De Sousa Da Silva, SJ Billington, ...
Immunology 107 (1), 93-101, 2002
Loxosceles sphingomyelinase induces complement-dependent dermonecrosis, neutrophil infiltration, and endogenous gelatinase expression
DV Tambourgi, D Paixao-Cavalcante, RMG de Andrade, ...
Journal of Investigative Dermatology 124 (4), 725-731, 2005
Variations in Loxosceles spider venom composition and toxicity contribute to the severity of envenomation
KC De Oliveira, RMG de Andrade, RMF Piazza, JMC Ferreira Jr, ...
Toxicon 45 (4), 421-429, 2005
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