Dong In Kim
Dong In Kim
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Wireless networks with RF energy harvesting: A contemporary survey
X Lu, P Wang, D Niyato, DI Kim, Z Han
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Applications of deep reinforcement learning in communications and networking: A survey
NC Luong, DT Hoang, S Gong, D Niyato, P Wang, YC Liang, DI Kim
IEEE communications surveys & tutorials 21 (4), 3133-3174, 2019
A survey on consensus mechanisms and mining strategy management in blockchain networks
W Wang, DT Hoang, P Hu, Z Xiong, D Niyato, P Wang, Y Wen, DI Kim
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Wireless charging technologies: Fundamentals, standards, and network applications
X Lu, P Wang, D Niyato, DI Kim, Z Han
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Toward smart wireless communications via intelligent reflecting surfaces: A contemporary survey
S Gong, X Lu, DT Hoang, D Niyato, L Shu, DI Kim, YC Liang
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Ambient Backscatter Communications: A Contemporary Survey
N Van Huynh, DT Hoang, X Lu, D Niyato, P Wang, DI Kim
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Fundamentals of Wireless Information and Power Transfer: From RF Energy Harvester Models to Signal and System Designs
B Clerckx, R Zhang, R Schober, DWK Ng, DI Kim, HV Poor
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Towards Secure Blockchain-enabled Internet of Vehicles: Optimizing Consensus Management Using Reputation and Contract Theory
J Kang, Z Xiong, D Niyato, D Ye, DI Kim, J Zhao
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Interference management in OFDMA femtocell networks: Issues and approaches
N Saquib, E Hossain, LB Le, DI Kim
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Resource allocation for device-to-device communications underlaying LTE-Advanced networks
P Phunchongharn, E Hossain, DI Kim
IEEE Wireless Communications 20 (4), 91-100, 2013
Compressed sensing for wireless communications: Useful tips and tricks
JW Choi, B Shim, Y Ding, B Rao, DI Kim
IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, 1-24, 2017
Data collection and wireless communication in Internet of Things (IoT) using economic analysis and pricing models: A survey
N Luong, D Hang, P Wang, D Niyato, DI Kim, Z Han
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 18 (4), 2546-2590, 2016
Non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) for downlink multiuser MIMO systems: User clustering, beamforming, and power allocation
MS Ali, E Hossain, DI Kim
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Wireless backhauling of 5G small cells: Challenges and solution approaches
U Siddique, H Tabassum, E Hossain, DI Kim
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Joint rate and power allocation for cognitive radios in dynamic spectrum access environment
DI Kim, LB Le, E Hossain
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 7 (12), 5517-5527, 2008
Fractional frequency reuse for interference management in LTE-Advanced HetNets
N Saquib, E Hossain, DI Kim
IEEE Wireless Communications 20 (2), 113-122, 2013
Game theoretic approaches for multiple access in wireless networks: A survey
K Akkarajitsakul, E Hossain, D Niyato, DI Kim
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 13 (3), 372-395, 2011
Joint secure beamforming design at the source and the relay for an amplify-and-forward MIMO untrusted relay system
C Jeong, IM Kim, DI Kim
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 60 (1), 310-325, 2012
Incentive design for efficient federated learning in mobile networks: A contract theory approach
J Kang, Z Xiong, D Niyato, H Yu, YC Liang, DI Kim
2019 IEEE VTS Asia Pacific Wireless Communications Symposium (APWCS), 1-5, 2019
Wireless powered communication networks: Research directions and technological approaches
D Niyato, DI Kim, M Maso, Z Han
IEEE Wireless Communications 24 (6), 88-97, 2017
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