Enrica Ruggs
Enrica Ruggs
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Trans-parency in the workplace: How the experiences of transsexual employees can be improved
CL Law, LR Martinez, EN Ruggs, MR Hebl, E Akers
Journal of Vocational Behavior 79 (3), 710-723, 2011
Gone fishing: I–O psychologists' missed opportunities to understand marginalized employees' experiences with discrimination
EN Ruggs, MR Hebl, C Law, CB Cox, MV Roehling, RL Wiener
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The importance of being “me”: The relation between authentic identity expression and transgender employees’ work-related attitudes and experiences.
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To say or not to say: Different strategies of acknowledging a visible disability
BJ Lyons, LR Martinez, EN Ruggs, MR Hebl, AM Ryan, KR O’Brien, ...
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Literature overview: Diversity, inclusion, and cultural awareness for classroom and outreach education
E Ruggs, M Hebl
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How individuals and organizations can reduce interpersonal discrimination
EN Ruggs, LR Martinez, MR Hebl
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Perceptions of obesity across the lifespan
MR Hebl, EN Ruggs, SL Singletary, DJ Beal
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Weight isn’t selling: The insidious effects of weight stigmatization in retail settings.
EN Ruggs, MR Hebl, A Williams
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The impact of like-mentors for gay/lesbian employees
MR Hebl, S Tonidandel, EN Ruggs
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Assessment of weight stigma
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Selection biases that emerge when age meets gender
E N. Ruggs, M R. Hebl, S Singletary Walker, N Fa-Kaji
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Baltimore is burning: Can IO psychologists help extinguish the flames?
EN Ruggs, MR Hebl, VC Rabelo, KB Weaver, J Kovacs, AS Kemp
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The role of organizational leaders in sexual orientation equality at organizational and federal levels
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LGBT workers
S Pichler, EN Ruggs
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Increasing colonoscopies? A psychological perspective on opting in versus opting out.
T Narula, C Ramprasad, EN Ruggs, MR Hebl
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Policies that make a difference: bridging the gender equity and work-family gap in academia
KR O'Brien, LR Martinez, EN Ruggs, J Rinehart, MR Hebl
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Online exclusion: Biases that may arise when using social media in talent acquisition
EN Ruggs, SS Walker, A Blanchard, S Gur
Social media in employee selection and recruitment: Theory, practice, and …, 2016
Taking the ambiguity out of subtle and interpersonal workplace discrimination
CK Marshburn, NT Harrington, EN Ruggs
Industrial and Organizational Psychology 10 (1), 87-93, 2017
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