Shikhar Misra
Shikhar Misra
Assistant Professor, IIT Kanpur
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Valley polarization by spin injection in a light-emitting van der Waals heterojunction
OL Sanchez, D Ovchinnikov, S Misra, A Allain, A Kis
Nano letters 16 (9), 5792-5797, 2016
Self‐Assembled Ordered Three‐Phase Au–BaTiO3–ZnO Vertically Aligned Nanocomposites Achieved by a Templating Method
S Misra, L Li, D Zhang, J Jian, Z Qi, M Fan, HT Chen, X Zhang, H Wang
Advanced Materials 31 (7), 1806529, 2019
Encapsulation and networking of silicon nanoparticles using amorphous carbon and graphite for high performance Li-ion batteries
MH Parekh, VP Parikh, PJ Kim, S Misra, Z Qi, H Wang, VG Pol
Carbon 148, 36-43, 2019
Tailorable Au Nanoparticles Embedded in Epitaxial TiO2 Thin Films for Tunable Optical Properties
S Misra, L Li, J Jian, J Huang, X Wang, D Zemlyanov, JW Jang, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (38), 32895-32902, 2018
Tailorable Optical Response of Au–LiNbO3 Hybrid Metamaterial Thin Films for Optical Waveguide Applications
J Huang, T Jin, S Misra, H Wang, Z Qi, Y Dai, X Sun, L Li, J Okkema, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 6 (19), 1800510, 2018
Microstructure, Magnetic, and Magnetoresistance Properties of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3:CuO Nanocomposite Thin Films
M Fan, H Wang, S Misra, B Zhang, Z Qi, X Sun, J Huang, H Wang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (6), 5779-5784, 2018
Tunable Optical Properties in Self‐Assembled Oxide‐Metal Hybrid Thin Films via Au‐Phase Geometry Control: From Nanopillars to Nanodisks
D Zhang, S Misra, L Li, X Wang, J Jian, P Lu, X Gao, X Sun, Z Qi, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 8 (4), 1901359, 2020
Broad Range Tuning of Phase Transition Property in VO2 Through Metal‐Ceramic Nanocomposite Design
J Jian, X Wang, S Misra, X Sun, Z Qi, X Gao, J Sun, A Donohue, DG Lin, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (36), 1903690, 2019
Novel Layered Supercell Structure from Bi2AlMnO6 for Multifunctionalities
L Li, P Boullay, P Lu, X Wang, J Jian, J Huang, X Gao, S Misra, W Zhang, ...
Nano letters 17 (11), 6575-6582, 2017
Probing the effect of interface on vortex pinning efficiency of one-dimensional BaZrO3 and BaHfO3 artificial pinning centers in YBa2Cu3O7-x thin films
B Gautam, MA Sebastian, S Chen, S Misra, J Huang, F Javier Baca, ...
Applied Physics Letters 113 (21), 212602, 2018
Tunable, room-temperature multiferroic Fe-BaTiO3 vertically aligned nanocomposites with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
B Zhang, J Huang, BX Rutherford, P Lu, S Misra, M Kalaswad, Z He, ...
Materials Today Nano 11, 100083, 2020
Self-assembled two-dimensional layered oxide supercells with modulated layer stacking and tunable physical properties
L Li, P Boullay, J Cheng, P Lu, X Wang, G Steciuk, J Huang, J Jian, X Gao, ...
Materials Today Nano 6, 100037, 2019
Tuning magnetic anisotropy in Co–BaZrO 3 vertically aligned nanocomposites for memory device integration
B Zhang, J Huang, J Jian, BX Rutherford, L Li, S Misra, X Sun, H Wang
Nanoscale Advances 1 (11), 4450-4458, 2019
Morphology Control of Self-Assembled Three-Phase Au-BaTiO3–ZnO Hybrid Metamaterial for Tunable Optical Properties
S Misra, D Zhang, Z Qi, D Li, J Lu, HT Chen, H Wang
Crystal Growth & Design 20 (9), 6101-6108, 2020
Field‐assisted heating of Gd‐doped ceria thin film
XL Phuah, H Wang, Z Qi, S Misra, M Kalaswad, H Wang
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 103 (4), 2309-2314, 2020
Enhancing electrochemical performance of thin film lithium ion battery via introducing tilted metal nanopillars as effective current collectors
Z Qi, J Tang, S Misra, C Fan, P Lu, J Jian, Z He, VG Pol, X Zhang, H Wang
Nano Energy 69, 104381, 2020
Review on the growth, properties and applications of self-assembled oxide–metal vertically aligned nanocomposite thin films—current and future perspectives
S Misra, H Wang
Materials Horizons 8 (3), 869-884, 2021
Tunable physical properties in BiAl 1− x Mn x O 3 thin films with novel layered supercell structures
S Misra, L Li, X Gao, J Jian, Z Qi, D Zemlyanov, H Wang
Nanoscale Advances 2 (1), 315-322, 2020
Design of 3D Oxide–Metal Hybrid Metamaterial for Tailorable Light–Matter Interactions in Visible and Near‐Infrared Region
D Zhang, P Lu, S Misra, A Wissel, Z He, Z Qi, X Gao, X Sun, J Liu, J Lu, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 9 (1), 2001154, 2021
Au-Encapsulated Fe Nanorods in Oxide Matrix with Tunable Magneto-Optic Coupling Properties
B Zhang, M Kalaswad, BX Rutherford, S Misra, Z He, H Wang, Z Qi, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 (46), 51827-51836, 2020
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