Sari Repka
Sari Repka
University of Turku, Brahea Center
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Feeding interactions of the copepods Eurytemora affinis and Acartia bifilosa with the cyanobacteria Nodularia sp.
J Engström, M Koski, M Viitasalo, M Reinikainen, S Repka, K Sivonen
Journal of Plankton Research 22 (7), 1403-1409, 2000
Calanoid copepods feed and produce eggs in the presence of toxic cyanobacteria Nodularia spumigena
M Koski, K Schmidt, J Engström-Öst, M Viitasalo, S Jónasdóttir, S Repka, ...
Limnology and Oceanography 47 (3), 878-885, 2002
Effects of phosphate and light on growth of and bioactive peptide production by the cyanobacterium Anabaena strain 90 and its anabaenopeptilide mutant
S Repka, M Koivula, V Harjunpä, L Rouhiainen, K Sivonen
Applied and environmental microbiology 70 (8), 4551-4560, 2004
Leaf value: effects of damage to individual leaves on growth and reproduction of mountain birch shoots
K Ruohomäki, E Haukioja, S Repka, K Lehtilä
Ecology 78 (7), 2105-2117, 1997
Effects of dissolved cyanobacterial toxins on the survival and egg hatching of estuarine calanoid copepods
M Reinikainen, F Lindvall, JAO Meriluoto, S Repka, K Sivonen, L Spoof, ...
Marine Biology 140 (3), 577-583, 2002
Effects of toxic cyanobacteria on a plankton assemblage: community development during decay of Nodularia spumigena
J Engström-Öst, M Koski, K Schmidt, M Viitasalo, SH Jónasdóttir, ...
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Effects of food type on the life history of Daphnia clones from lakes differing in trophic state. I. Daphnia galeata feeding on Scenedesmus and Oscillatoria
S Repka
Freshwater Biology 38 (3), 675-683, 1997
Maximum rates of N2 fixation and primary production are out of phase in a developing cyanobacterial bloom in the Baltic Sea
JR Gallon, AM Evans, DA Jones, P Albertano, R Congestri, B Bergman, ...
Limnology and Oceanography 47 (5), 1514-1521, 2002
Associations of cyanobacterial toxin, nodularin, with environmental factors and zooplankton in the Baltic Sea
S Repka, M Meyerhöfer, K von Bröckel, K Sivonen
Microbial Ecology 47 (4), 350-358, 2004
Effects of nutrients on growth and nodularin production of Nodularia strain GR8b
S Repka, J Mehtonen, J Vaitomaa, L Saari, K Sivonen
Microbial ecology 42 (4), 606-613, 2001
Inter-and intraspecific differences in Daphnia life histories in response to two food sources: the green alga Scenedesmus and the filamentous cyanobacterium Oscillatoria
S Repka
Journal of plankton research 18 (7), 1213-1223, 1996
Neck spine protects Daphnia pulex from predation by Chaoborus, but individuals with longer tail spine are at a greater risk
S Repka, M Walls, M Ketola
Journal of Plankton Research 17 (2), 393-403, 1995
Atmospheric emissions of European SECA shipping: long-term projections
J Kalli, JP Jalkanen, L Johansson, S Repka
WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs 12 (2), 129-145, 2013
Interactions between plankton and cyanobacterium Anabaena with focus on salinity, growth and toxin production
J Engström-Öst, S Repka, M Mikkonen
Harmful Algae 10 (5), 530-535, 2011
Morphological adaptations in filtering screens of Daphnia galeata to food quantity and food quality.
S Repka, A Veen, J Vijverberg
Journal of plankton research 21 (5), 1999
Plasticity in filtering screens of Daphnia cucullata×galeata hybrids and parental species at two food concentrations
S Repka, S Veselá, A Weber, K Schwenk
Oecologia 120 (4), 485-491, 1999
Food quality of detritus derived from the filamentous cyanobacterium Oscillatoria limneticafor Daphnia galeata
S Repka, M Vlies, J Vijverberg
Journal of plankton research 20 (11), 2199-2205, 1998
Effects of food type on the life history of Daphnia clones from lakes differing in trophic state. II. Daphnia cucullata feeding on mixed diets
Freshwater Biology 38 (3), 685-692, 1997
Predator-induced phenotypic plasticity in Daphnia pulex: uncoupling morphological defenses and life history shifts
S Repka, K Pihlajamaa
Hydrobiologia 339 (1), 67-71, 1996
How to recognize and measure the economic impacts of environmental regulation: The Sulphur Emission Control Area case
A Lähteenmäki-Uutela, S Repka, T Haukioja, T Pohjola
Journal of Cleaner Production 154, 553-565, 2017
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