Luca Bernardi
Luca Bernardi
Department of Politics, University of Liverpool
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Challenges of political participation and intra-party democracy: Bittersweet symphony from party membership and primary elections in Italy
L Bernardi, G Sandri, A Seddone
Acta Politica, 2016
The effects of the Fukushima disaster on nuclear energy debates and policies: a two-step comparative examination
L Bernardi, L Morales, M Lühiste, D Bischof
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Down but not yet out: Depression, political efficacy, and voting
L Bernardi, M Mattila, A Papageorgiou, L Rapeli
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J Adams, L Bernardi, L Ezrow, OB Gordon, TP Liu, MC Phillips
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The public, the protester, and the bill: do legislative agendas respond to public opinion signals?
L Bernardi, D Bischof, R Wouters
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Depression and attitudes to change in referendums: The case of Brexit
L Bernardi, R Johns
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Depression and political predispositions: Almost blue?
L Bernardi
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Mental health and political representation: a roadmap
L Bernardi
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Social welfare policy outputs and governing parties’ left-right images: Do voters respond?
J Adams, L Bernardi, C Wlezien
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COVID-19 stressors, mental/emotional distress and political support
L Bernardi, IH Gotlib
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Policy responsiveness and electoral incentives: A (re) assessment
L Bernardi
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Does government support respond to governments’ social welfare rhetoric or their spending? An analysis of government support in Britain, Spain and the United States
L Bernardi, J Adams
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Effects of COVID-19-related life changes on mental health in Syrian refugees in Turkey
L Bernardi, IH Gotlib, Ö Zihnioğlu
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Fare, disfare e malfare le elezioni primarie: il ruolo dei partiti*
L Bernardi, M Valbruzzi
Primarie per il sindaco. Partiti, candidati, elettori, 2012
External shocks and governmental responsiveness to public opinion–A case study of nuclear energy policy after the Fukushima disaster
L Morales, D Bischof, M Lühiste, L Bernardi
presentation at the CCPR research seminar, University of Nottingham, 2014
Nella testa dei selettori. Gli orientamenti di voto tra primo e secondo turno
L Bernardi, S Rombi
Perdere vincendo. Dal successo alle primarie 2012 all’impasse post-elettorale, 2013
The simplest government heuristic of all: Citizens infer that governing parties are pro-European Union
J Adams, L Bernardi, MC Phillips
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Depression and the gender gap in political interest
C Ojeda, L Bernardi, C Landwehr
Electoral Studies 82, 102598, 2023
From popularity to vulnerability: An application to dynamic representation in coalition governments
L Bernardi
Party Politics 26 (4), 459-470, 2020
Governing coalition partners’ images shift in parallel but do not converge
J Adams, L Bernardi
The Journal of Politics 81 (4), 1500-1511, 2019
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