Abdelhamid Hadjem
Abdelhamid Hadjem
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Analysis of RF exposure in the head tissues of children and adults
J Wiart, A Hadjem, MF Wong, I Bloch
Physics in Medicine & Biology 53 (13), 3681, 2008
Variability analysis of SAR from 20 MHz to 2.4 GHz for different adult and child models using finite-difference time-domain
E Conil, A Hadjem, F Lacroux, MF Wong, J Wiart
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Study of specific absorption rate (SAR) induced in two child head models and in adult heads using mobile phones
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Modeling of RF head exposure in children
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Chinese adult anatomical models and the application in evaluation of RF exposures
T Wu, L Tan, Q Shao, C Zhang, C Zhao, Y Li, E Conil, A Hadjem, J Wiart, ...
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Whole-body new-born and young rats' exposure assessment in a reverberating chamber operating at 2.4 GHz
T Wu, A Hadjem, MF Wong, A Gati, O Picon, J Wiart
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Analysis of power absorbed by children's head as a result of new usages of mobile phone
A Hadjem, E Conil, A Gati, MFMF Wong, J Wiart
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Statistical analysis of whole-body absorption depending on anatomical human characteristics at a frequency of 2.1 GHz
A El Habachi, E Conil, A Hadjem, E Vazquez, MF Wong, A Gati, G Fleury, ...
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Influence of plane-wave incidence angle on whole body and local exposure at 2100 MHz
E Conil, A Hadjem, A Gati, MF Wong, J Wiart
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Comparison of specific absorption rate (SAR) induced in child-sized and adult heads using a dual band mobile phone
A Hadjem, D Lautru, C Dale, MF Wong, VF Hanna, J Wiart
2004 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest (IEEE Cat. No …, 2004
Generation of infant anatomical models for evaluating electromagnetic field exposures
C Li, Z Chen, L Yang, B Lv, J Liu, N Varsier, A Hadjem, J Wiart, Y Xie, ...
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Numerical dosimetry dedicated to children RF exposure
J Wiart, A Hadjem, N Varsier, E Conil
Progress in biophysics and molecular biology 107 (3), 421-427, 2011
Analysis of the influence of handset phone position on RF exposure of brain tissue
A Ghanmi, N Varsier, A Hadjem, E Conil, O Picon, J Wiart
Bioelectromagnetics 35 (8), 568-579, 2014
A surrogate model to assess the whole body SAR induced by multiple plane waves at 2.4 GHz
T Kientega, E Conil, A Hadjem, E Richalot, A Gati, MF Wong, O Picon, ...
annals of telecommunications-annales des télécommunications 66 (7), 419-428, 2011
Sympathetic and brain monoaminergic regulation of energy balance in obesity-resistant rats (Lou/C)
D Perrin, J Mamet, A Géloën, G Morel, Y Dalmaz, JM Pequignot
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The influence of the reflective environment on the absorption of a human male exposed to representative base station antennas from 300 MHz to 5 GHz
G Vermeeren, MC Gosselin, S Kühn, V Kellerman, A Hadjem, A Gati, ...
Physics in Medicine & Biology 55 (18), 5541, 2010
Numerical Mobile phone models validated by SAR measurements
Y Pinto, A Ghanmi, A Hadjem, E Conil, T Namur, C Person, J Wiart
Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation …, 2011
Calculation of the SAR induced in head tissues using a high-order DGTD method and triangulated geometrical models
H Fahs, A Hadjem, S Lanteri, J Wiart, MF Wong
IEEE transactions on antennas and propagation 59 (12), 4669-4678, 2011
Exposure assessment of one-year-old child to 3G tablet in uplink mode and to 3G femtocell in downlink mode using polynomial chaos decomposition
I Liorni, M Parazzini, N Varsier, A Hadjem, P Ravazzani, J Wiart
Physics in Medicine & Biology 61 (8), 3237, 2016
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