Éric Tournier
Éric Tournier
Université de Toulouse; LAAS/CNRS; UPS
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AM noise impact on low level phase noise measurements
G Cibiel, M Régis, E Tournier, O Llopis
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A 5.4 GHz 0.35/spl mu/m BiCMOS FBAR Resonator Oscillator in Above-IC Technology
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Application of a CMOS current mode approach to on-chip current sensing in smart power circuits
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Design and applications of an easily integrable CMOS operational floating amplifier for the megahertz range
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A 14.5 GHz, 0.35 μm frequency divider for dual-modulus prescaler
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High quality factor and high self-resonant frequency monolithic inductor for millimeter-wave Si-based IC's
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High-speed dual-modulus prescaler architecture for programmable digital frequency dividers
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Improved differential structures for balanced microwave applications
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Electronic circuit comprising a device to measure phase noise of an oscillating and/or resonant device
A Cathelin, S Godet, O Llopis, É Tournier, S Thuries
US Patent 8,154,307, 2012
A DDS-oriented phase-to-amplitude converter using a SiGe: C bipolar transistors differential pair
S Thuries, E Tournier
Radio-Frequency Integration Technology: Integrated Circuits for Wideband …, 2005
A 3-bits DDS Oriented Low Power Consumption 15 GHz Phase Accumulator in a 0.25 μm BiCMOS SiGe: C Technology
S Thuries, E Tournier, J Graffeuil
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A digital sine-weighted switched-Gm mixer for single-clock power-scalable parallel receivers
R Kasri, E Klumperink, P Cathelin, E Toumier, B Nauta
Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC), 2017 IEEE, 1-4, 2017
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