Vaibhav Pant
Vaibhav Pant
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Propagating Disturbances in The Solar Corona and Spicular Connection
T Samanta, V Pant, D Banerjee
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 815, L 16, 2015
Reflection of propagating slow magneto-acoustic waves in hot coronal loops: Multi-instrument observations and numerical modeling
S Mandal, D Yuan, X Fang, D Banerjee, V Pant, T Van Doorsselaere
The Astrophysical Journal 828 (2), 72, 2016
Visible emission line coronagraph on Aditya-L1
BR Prasad, D Banerjee, J Singh, S Nagabhushana, A Kumar, PU Kamath, ...
Current Science, 613-615, 2017
Dynamics of on-disk plumes as observed with Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph, Atmospheric Imaging Assembly and Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager
V Pant, L Dolla, R Mazumder, D Banerjee, SK Prasad, V Panditi
The Astrophysical Journal 807, 71, 2015
Investigating “Dark” Energy in the Solar Corona Using Forward Modeling of MHD Waves
V Pant, N Magyar, T Van Doorsselaere, RJ Morton
The Astrophysical Journal 881 (2), 95, 2019
Automated detection of coronal mass ejections in STEREO Heliospheric Imager data
V Pant, S Willems, L Rodriguez, M Mierla, D Banerjee, JA Davies
The Astrophysical Journal 833 (1), 80, 2016
On the observations of rapid forced reconnection in the solar corona
AK Srivastava, SK Mishra, P Jelínek, T Samanta, H Tian, V Pant, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 887 (2), 137, 2019
Flows and waves in braided solar coronal magnetic structures
V Pant, A Datta, D Banerjee
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 801 (1), L2, 2015
Simultaneous longitudinal and transverse oscillations in an active-region filament
V Pant, R Mazumder, D Yuan, D Banerjee, AK Srivastava, Y Shen
Solar Physics 291 (11), 3303-3315, 2016
First imaging observation of standing slow wave in coronal fan loops
V Pant, A Tiwari, D Yuan, D Banerjee
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 847 (1), L5, 2017
Transverse oscillations in a coronal loop triggered by a jet
S Sarkar, V Pant, AK Srivastava, D Banerjee
Solar Physics 291 (11), 3269-3288, 2016
Revisiting the relation between nonthermal line widths and transverse MHD wave amplitudes
V Pant, T Van Doorsselaere
The Astrophysical Journal 899 (1), 1, 2020
Twisting/swirling motions during a prominence eruption as seen from sdo/aia
V Pant, A Datta, D Banerjee, K Chandrashekhar, S Ray
The Astrophysical Journal 860 (1), 80, 2018
MHD Seismology of a loop-like filament tube by observed kink waves
V Pant, AK Srivastava, D Banerjee, M Goossens, PF Chen, NC Joshi, ...
Research In Astronomy and Astrophysics 15, 1713, 2015
Simultaneous longitudinal and transverse oscillations in filament threads after a failed eruption
R Mazumder, V Pant, M Luna, D Banerjee
Astronomy & Astrophysics 633, A12, 2020
Connecting 3D evolution of coronal mass ejections to their source regions
S Majumdar, V Pant, R Patel, D Banerjee
The Astrophysical Journal 899 (1), 6, 2020
Association of calcium network bright points with underneath photospheric magnetic patches
N Narang, D Banerjee, K Chandrashekhar, V Pant
Solar Physics 294 (4), 1-10, 2019
The effects of transients on photospheric and chromospheric power distributions
T Samanta, VMJ Henriques, D Banerjee, SK Prasad, M Mathioudakis, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 828 (1), 23, 2016
Onboard automated CME detection algorithm for the visible emission line coronagraph on ADITYA-L1
R Patel, K Amareswari, V Pant, D Banerjee, K Sankarasubramanian, ...
Solar Physics 293 (7), 1-25, 2018
The inner coronagraph on board ADITYA-L1 and automatic detection of CMEs
D Banerjee, R Patel, V Pant
Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union 13 (S335), 340-343, 2017
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