Sakin Sarwar Satter
Sakin Sarwar Satter
Ph.D Student, Marquette University
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Effect of different HTM layers and electrical parameters on ZnO nanorod-based lead-free perovskite solar cell for high-efficiency performance
F Anwar, R Mahbub, SS Satter, SM Ullah
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Simulation and performance study of nanowire CdS/CdTe solar cell
F Anwar, S Afrin, SS Satter, R Mahbub, SM Ullah
Int. J. Renew. Energy Res 7 (2), 885-893, 2017
Simulation of CZTS thin film solar cell for different buffer layers for high efficiency performance
M Rafee Mahbub, S Islam, F Anwar, SS Satter, SM Ullah
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Plasmonic or dielectric dimers: a generic way to control the reversal of near field optical binding force
HM Rivy, MRC Mahdy, ZR Jony, N Masud, SS Satter, R Jani
Optics Communications 430, 51-62, 2019
Plasmonic cube tetramers over substrates: reversal of binding force as the effect of fano resonance and light polarization
SS Satter, MRC Mahdy, MAR Ohi, F Islam, HM Rivy
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (36), 20923-20934, 2018
Structural and magnetic properties of ball-milled powders of (Fe1−xMnx)75P15C10 met-glass
MA Islam, MZ Ahsan, SS Satter, MAA Bally, FA Khan
Aip Advances 11 (2), 025036, 2021
Extracting selectivity from the transient responses of a single coated gas sensor to analyte mixtures using multivariate analysis-based signal processing
FJAJR Sakin Satter, Nicholas Post, Florian Bender
2022 IEEE Sensors, 2022
Structural and magnetic properties of ball-milled powders of (Fe
MA Islam, MZ Ahsan, SS Satter, MAA Bally, FA Khan
Modelling for classifying different shadow of obstacles on a c-Si PV panel
M Rashel, M Ahmed, SS Satter, M Tlemçani, R Melício
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