Daria Kokh
Daria Kokh
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Protein binding pocket dynamics
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Estimation of drug-target residence times by τ-random acceleration molecular dynamics simulations
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DB Kokh, S Richter, S Henrich, P Czodrowski, F Rippmann, RC Wade
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Flexible side chain models improve enrichment rates in in silico screening
DB Kokh, W Wenzel
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The 'approach-induced' I2(E0+g ↔ I2(X) D0+u) transition
ME Akopyan, NK Bibinov, DB Kokh, AM Pravilov, MB Stepanov, ...
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Theapproach-induced'I2 (E0+ g↔ I2 (X) D0+ u) transition
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Ab initio study of spectroscopic and radiative characteristics of ion-pair states of the molecule
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Absolute calibration of the efficiency of a VUV-monochromator/detector system in the range 110-450 nm
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O Cohavi, D Reichmann, R Abramovich, AB Tesler, G Bellapadrona, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 17 (4), 1327-1336, 2011
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