Ulf Skyllberg
Ulf Skyllberg
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Complexation of mercury (II) in soil organic matter: EXAFS evidence for linear two-coordination with reduced sulfur groups
U Skyllberg, PR Bloom, J Qian, CM Lin, WF Bleam
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Competition among thiols and inorganic sulfides and polysulfides for Hg and MeHg in wetland soils and sediments under suboxic conditions: Illumination of controversies and …
U Skyllberg
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M Jiskra, JG Wiederhold, U Skyllberg, RM Kronberg, I Hajdas, ...
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A Drott, L Lambertsson, E Björn, U Skyllberg
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J Gustavsson, SS Yekta, C Sundberg, A Karlsson, J Ejlertsson, ...
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K Bishop, C Allan, L Bringmark, E Garcia, S Hellsten, L Högbom, ...
AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment 38 (7), 373-380, 2009
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