Tongtong Zhu
Tongtong Zhu
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Optical pulling forces and their applications
H Li, Y Cao, LM Zhou, X Xu, T Zhu, Y Shi, CW Qiu, W Ding
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Chirality-assisted lateral momentum transfer for bidirectional enantioselective separation
Y Shi, T Zhu, T Zhang, A Mazzulla, DP Tsai, W Ding, AQ Liu, ...
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Photonic tractor beams: a review
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Self-Induced Backaction Optical Pulling Force
T Zhu, Y Cao, L Wang, Z Nie, T Cao, F Sun, Z Jiang, M Nieto-Vesperinas, ...
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Nanophotonic Array-Induced Dynamic Behavior for Label-Free Shape-Selective Bacteria Sieving
Y Shi, H Zhao, KT Nguyen, Y Zhang, LK Chin, T Zhu, Y Yu, H Cai, PH Yap, ...
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Extraordinary Multipole Modes and Ultra-Enhanced Optical Lateral Force by Chirality
T Zhu, Y Shi, W Ding, DP Tsai, T Cao, AQ Liu, M Nieto-Vesperinas, ...
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Momentum-Topology-Induced Optical Pulling Force
H Li, Y Cao, B Shi, T Zhu, Y Geng, R Feng, L Wang, F Sun, Y Shi, MA Miri, ...
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Optical manipulation with metamaterial structures
Y Shi, Q Song, I Toftul, T Zhu, Y Yu, W Zhu, DP Tsai, Y Kivshar, AQ Liu
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Spin-controlled orbital motion in tightly focused high-order Laguerre-Gaussian beams
Y Cao, T Zhu, H Lv, W Ding
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Polarization conversion based on an all-dielectric metasurface for optical fiber applications
T Liu, S Yang, D Tang, H Da, R Feng, T Zhu, F Sun, W Ding
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Optofluidic Microengine in A Dynamic Flow Environment via Self-Induced Back-Action
Y Shi, T Zhu, KT Nguyen, Y Zhang, S Xiong, PH Yap, W Ser, S Wang, ...
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Superhybrid Mode-Enhanced Optical Torques on Mie-Resonant Particles
Y Shi, LM Zhou, AQ Liu, M Nieto-Vesperinas, T Zhu, A Hassanfiroozi, ...
Nano Letters 22 (4), 1769-1777, 2022
Optical trapping of nanoparticles with tunable inter-distance using a multimode slot cavity
L Wang, Y Cao, T Zhu, R Feng, F Sun, W Ding
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Equilibrium orientations of oblate spheroidal particles in single tightly focused Gaussian beams
Y Cao, W Song, W Ding, F Sun, TT Zhu
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Optical collection of multiple spheres in single tightly focused beams
Y Cao, L Chen, W Ding, F Sun, T Zhu
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Inverse optical torques on dielectric nanoparticles in elliptically polarized light waves
Y Shi, T Zhu, AQ Liu, LM Zhou, M Nieto-Vesperinas, A Hassanfiroozi, ...
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Multiparticle resonant optical sorting using a topological photonic structure
B Shi, Y Cao, T Zhu, H Li, Y Zhang, R Feng, F Sun, W Ding
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Stable optical lateral forces from inhomogeneities of the spin angular momentum
Y Shi, T Zhu, J Liu, DP Tsai, H Zhang, S Wang, CT Chan, PC Wu, ...
Science Advances 8 (48), eabn2291, 2022
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