Nathaniel Poor
Nathaniel Poor
Underwood Institute
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Mechanisms of an online public sphere: The website Slashdot
N Poor
Journal of Computer‐Mediated Communication 10 (2), 2005
Tweets and Votes: A Study of the 2011 Singapore General Election
M Skoric, N Poor, P Achananuparp, E Lim, J Jiang
45th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2012
Youth engagement in Singapore: The interplay of social and traditional media
MM Skoric, N Poor
Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media 57 (2), 187-204, 2013
The barriers facing artists’ use of crowdfunding platforms: Personality, emotional labor, and going to the well one too many times
R Davidson, N Poor
New Media & Society 17 (2), 289-307, 2015
Computer game modders’ motivations and sense of community: A mixed-methods approach
N Poor
New Media & Society 16 (8), 1249-1267, 2014
Honey, I shrunk the world! The relation between Internet use and international engagement
N Kwak, N Poor, MM Skoric
Mass communication & society 9 (2), 189-213, 2006
Factors for success in repeat crowdfunding: Why sugar daddies are only good for Bar-Mitzvahs
R Davidson, N Poor
Information, Communication & Society 19 (1), 127-139, 2016
Digital Elves as a Racial Other in Video Games: Acknowledgement and Avoidance
N Poor
Games & Culture 7 (5), 375 - 396, 2012
To broadband or not to broadband: The relationship between high-speed Internet and knowledge and participation
N Kwak, MM Skoric, AE Williams, ND Poor
Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media 48 (3), 421-445, 2004
Playing Internet Curveball with Traditional Media Gatekeepers: Pitcher Curt Schilling and Boston Red Sox Fans
N Poor
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media …, 2006
Online Organization of an Offline Protest: From Social to Traditional Media and Back
MM Skoric, ND Poor, Y Liao, SWH Tang
44th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2011
Death of a guild, birth of a network: Online community ties within and beyond code
N Poor, M Skoric
Games and Culture 9 (3), 182-202, 2014
Stratification and global elite theory: A cross-cultural and longitudinal analysis of public opinion
R Davidson, N Poor, A Williams
International Journal of Public Opinion Research 21 (2), 165-186, 2009
Collaboration via cooperation and competition: Small community clustering in an MMO.
N Poor
Proceedings of the Forty-Seventh Annual Hawaii International Conference on …, 2014
Location, location, location: How digital platforms reinforce the importance of spatial proximity
R Davidson, N Poor
Information, Communication & Society 22 (10), 1464-1478, 2019
Social Media and Citizen Engagement in a City-State: A Study of Singapore
M Skoric, J Pan, N Poor
Proceedings of the Sixth International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social …, 2012
Global Citation Patterns of Open Access Communication Studies Journals: Pushing Beyond the Social Science Citation Index
N Poor
International Journal of Communication 3, 2009
A cross-national study of computer news sites: Global news, local sites
ND Poor
The Information Society 23 (2), 73-83, 2007
The Ethics of Using Hacked Data: Patreon’s Data Hack and Academic Data Standards
N Poor, R Davidson
What MMO communities don’t do: A longitudinal study of guilds and character leveling, or not
N Poor
Ninth International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media, 2015
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