Anamika Dubey
Anamika Dubey
Associate Professor
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Electric vehicle charging on residential distribution systems: Impacts and mitigations
A Dubey, S Santoso
IEEE Access 3, 1871-1893, 2015
Critical load restoration using distributed energy resources for resilient power distribution system
S Poudel, A Dubey
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 34 (1), 52-63, 2018
On estimation and sensitivity analysis of distribution circuit's photovoltaic hosting capacity
A Dubey, S Santoso
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 32 (4), 2779-2789, 2016
Bi-level volt-var optimization to coordinate smart inverters with voltage control devices
RR Jha, A Dubey, CC Liu, KP Schneider
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 34 (3), 1801-1813, 2019
Understanding photovoltaic hosting capacity of distribution circuits
A Dubey, S Santoso, A Maitra
2015 IEEE power & energy society general meeting, 1-5, 2015
Pose invariant virtual classifiers from single training image using novel hybrid-eigenfaces
A Sharma, A Dubey, P Tripathi, V Kumar
Neurocomputing 73 (10-12), 1868-1880, 2010
Determining time-of-use schedules for electric vehicle loads: A practical perspective
A Dubey, S Santoso, MP Cloud, M Waclawiak
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Risk-based probabilistic quantification of power distribution system operational resilience
S Poudel, A Dubey, A Bose
IEEE Systems Journal 14 (3), 3506-3517, 2019
Paving the way for advanced distribution management systems applications: Making the most of models and data
A Dubey, A Bose, M Liu, LN Ochoa
IEEE Power and Energy Magazine 18 (1), 63-75, 2020
Linearized price-responsive HVAC controller for optimal scheduling of smart building loads
M Ostadijafari, A Dubey, N Yu
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 11 (4), 3131-3145, 2020
On improving reliability of shipboard power system
B Stevens, A Dubey, S Santoso
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 30 (4), 1905-1912, 2014
Average-value model of electric vehicle chargers
A Dubey, S Santoso, MP Cloud
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 4 (3), 1549-1557, 2013
Leveraging standards to create an open platform for the development of advanced distribution applications
RB Melton, KP Schneider, E Lightner, TE Mcdermott, P Sharma, Y Zhang, ...
IEEE Access 6, 37361-37370, 2018
Understanding the effects of electric vehicle charging on the distribution voltages
A Dubey, S Santoso, MP Cloud
2013 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting, 1-5, 2013
Joint estimation of operational topology and outages for unbalanced power distribution systems
A Gandluru, S Poudel, A Dubey
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 35 (1), 605-617, 2019
Smart building energy management using nonlinear economic model predictive control
M Ostadijafari, A Dubey, Y Liu, J Shi, N Yu
2019 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM), 1-5, 2019
Transmission–distribution cosimulation: Analytical methods for iterative coupling
G Krishnamoorthy, A Dubey
IEEE Systems Journal 14 (2), 2633-2642, 2019
Availability-based distribution circuit design for shipboard power system
A Dubey, S Santoso
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 8 (4), 1599-1608, 2015
Advanced FLISR with intentional islanding operations in an ADMS environment using GridAPPS-D
S Poudel, P Sharma, A Dubey, KP Schneider
IEEE Access 8, 113766-113778, 2020
Determining PV hosting capacity without incurring grid integration cost
S Jothibasu, S Santoso, A Dubey
2016 North American Power Symposium (NAPS), 1-5, 2016
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