Victor Vorobyev
Victor Vorobyev
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Parcellation of human mesial area 6: cytoarchitectonic evidence for three separate areas
V Vorobiev, P Govoni, G Rizzolatti, M Matelli, G Luppino
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GSM mobile phone radiation suppresses brain glucose metabolism
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S Huolman, P Hämäläinen, V Vorobyev, J Ruutiainen, R Parkkola, ...
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Language-specific activations in the brain: Evidence from inflectional processing in bilinguals
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Selective attention to human voice enhances brain activity bilaterally in the superior temporal sulcus
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Brain structural correlates of risk-taking behavior and effects of peer influence in adolescents
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Neural correlates of naming newly learned objects in MCI
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Risk-taking behavior in a computerized driving task: brain activation correlates of decision-making, outcome, and peer influence in male adolescents
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No effects of short‐term GSM mobile phone radiation on cerebral blood flow measured using positron emission tomography
MS Kwon, V Vorobyev, S Kännälä, M Laine, JO Rinne, T Toivonen, ...
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Central executive function in mild cognitive impairment: a PET activation study
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Does TMS on V3 block conscious visual perception?
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TMS-EEG reveals hemispheric asymmetries in top-down influences of posterior intraparietal cortex on behavior and visual event-related potentials
M Koivisto, S Grassini, M Hurme, N Salminen-Vaparanta, H Railo, ...
Neuropsychologia 107, 94-101, 2017
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