Atte Joutsen
Atte Joutsen
Tampere University Hospital
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Sleep and the menopause–do postmenopausal women experience worse sleep than premenopausal women?
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Hang-a-rounds and true believers: A case analysis of the roles and motivational factors of the Star Wreck fans
K Lietsala, A Joutsen
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The electrical impedance measurements of dry electrode materials for the ECG measuring after repeated washing
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Dry electrode sizes in recording ECG and heart rate in wearable applications
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EMBEC & NBC 2017: Joint Conference of the European Medical and Biological …, 2018
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Wreck a Movie: Empowering the masses for film productions
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Fusion of edge enhancing algorithms for atherosclerotic carotid wall contour detection in computed tomography angiography
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The temporal relationship between growth hormone and slow wave sleep is weaker after menopause
N Kalleinen, A Virkki, O Polo, SL Himanen, K Irjala, A Joutsen, ...
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Investigating the measurement capability of densely-distributed subdermal EEG electrodes
NP Subramaniyam, K Wendel, A Joutsen, J Hyttinen
2011 8th International Symposium on Noninvasive Functional Source Imaging of …, 2011
Wrist-worn device combining PPG and ECG can be reliably used for atrial fibrillation detection in an outpatient setting
HJ Saarinen, A Joutsen, K Korpi, T Halkola, M Nurmi, J Hernesniemi, ...
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A device for measuring sternal bone connectivity using vibration analysis techniques
A Joutsen, J Hautalahti, E Jaatinen, S Goebeler, A Paldanius, J Viik, ...
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H: Journal of …, 2020
Performance analysis of novel flexible electrodes for wearable ECG/heart rate monitoring
ES Kaappa, AS Joutsen, J Vanhala
EMBEC & NBC 2017: Joint Conference of the European Medical and Biological …, 2018
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