Fabrizio Messina
Fabrizio Messina
Associate Professor, University of Palermo (Italy), EPFL (Switzerland)
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Solvatochromism unravels the emission mechanism of carbon nanodots
A Sciortino, E Marino, B Dam, P Schall, M Cannas, F Messina
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O Bräm, F Messina, AM El-Zohry, A Cannizzo, M Chergui
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L Nuccio, M Willis, L Schulz, S Fratini, F Messina, M D’Amico, FL Pratt, ...
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Structure of the FeBTC metal–organic framework: a model based on the local environment study
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Luminescent silicon nanocrystals produced by near-infrared nanosecond pulsed laser ablation in water
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E Pomarico, M Silatani, F Messina, O Braem, A Cannizzo, E Barranoff, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (30), 16459-16469, 2016
The interaction of photoexcited carbon nanodots with metal ions disclosed down to the femtosecond scale
A Sciortino, A Madonia, M Gazzetto, L Sciortino, EJ Rohwer, T Feurer, ...
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Highly homogeneous biotinylated carbon nanodots: red-emitting nanoheaters as theranostic agents toward precision cancer medicine
C Scialabba, A Sciortino, F Messina, G Buscarino, M Cannas, G Roscigno, ...
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F Messina, E Vella, M Cannas, R Boscaino
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O Bräm, F Messina, E Baranoff, A Cannizzo, MK Nazeeruddin, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (31), 15958-15966, 2013
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