Christian Sue
Christian Sue
professor geosciences Besancon univ.
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Quaternary erosion-induced isostatic rebound in the western Alps
JD Champagnac, P Molnar, RS Anderson, C Sue, B Delacou
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C Sue, P Tricart
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Present-day uplift of the western Alps
JM Nocquet, C Sue, A Walpersdorf, T Tran, N Lenôtre, P Vernant, ...
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C Sue, P Tricart
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C Severine, B Martin, D Romain, H Urs, K Lionel, S Christian
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Active deformation in the inner western Alps inferred from comparison between 1972-classical and 1996-GPS geodetic surveys
C Sue, J Martinod, P Tricart, F Thouvenot, JF Gamond, J Fréchet, ...
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U–Pb zircon ages from the northern Austral basin and their correlation with the Early Cretaceous exhumation and volcanism of Patagonia
MC Ghiglione, M Naipauer, C Sue, V Barberón, V Valencia, ...
Cretaceous Research 55, 116-128, 2015
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JD Champagnac, C Sue, B Delacou, M Burkhard
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Widespread post-nappe normal faulting in the Internal Western Alps: a new constraint on arc dynamics
C Sue, P Tricart
Journal of the Geological Society 159 (1), 61-70, 2002
Evidence of synextension tilting and doming during final exhumation from analysis of multistage faults (Queyras Schistes lustrés, Western Alps)
P Tricart, S Schwartz, C Sue, JM Lardeaux
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Miocene orogen-parallel extension in the inner Western Alps revealed by dynamical fault analyses
JD Champagnac, C Sue, B Delacou, P Tricart, C Allanic, M Burkhard
Tectonics 25, 2006
The tectonic denudation of the Ultradauphine Zone and the inversion of the Brian-connais frontal thrust to the southeast of the Pelvoux massif (western Alps): a Miocene to …
P Tricart, S Schwartz, C Sue, G Poupeau, JM Lardeaux
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