Andrea Castelletti
Andrea Castelletti
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Twenty-three unsolved problems in hydrology (UPH)–a community perspective
G Blöschl, MFP Bierkens, A Chambel, C Cudennec, G Destouni, A Fiori, ...
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Evolutionary algorithms and other metaheuristics in water resources: Current status, research challenges and future directions
Environmental Modelling and Software 62, 271-299, 2014
More than one million barriers fragment Europe’s rivers
B Belletti, CG de Leaniz, J Jones, S Bizzi, L Börger, G Segura, ...
Nature 588 (7838), 436-441, 2020
Bayesian Networks and participatory modelling in water resource management
A Castelletti, R Soncini-Sessa
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Benefits and challenges of using smart meters for advancing residential water demand modeling and management: A review
A Cominola, M Giuliani, D Piga, A Castelletti, AE Rizzoli
Environmental Modelling & Software 72, 198-214, 2015
Future drought risk in Africa: Integrating vulnerability, climate change, and population growth
A Ahmadalipour, H Moradkhani, A Castelletti, N Magliocca
Science of The Total Environment 662, 672-686, 2019
Changing sediment budget of the Mekong: Cumulative threats and management strategies for a large river basin
GM Kondolf, RJP Schmitt, P Carling, S Darby, M Arias, S Bizzi, ...
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Water reservoir control under economic, social and environmental constraints
A Castelletti, F Pianosi, R Soncini-Sessa
Automatica 44 (6), 1595-1607, 2008
Curses, tradeoffs, and scalable management: Advancing evolutionary multiobjective direct policy search to improve water reservoir operations
M Giuliani, A Castelletti, F Pianosi, E Mason, PM Reed
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Robustness Metrics: How Are They Calculated, When Should They Be Used and Why Do They Give Different Results?
C McPhail, HR Maier, JH Kwakkel, M Giuliani, A Castelletti, S Westra
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An evaluation framework for input variable selection algorithms for environmental data-driven models
S Galelli, GB Humphrey, HR Maier, A Castelletti, GC Dandy, MS Gibbs
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Integrated and participatory water resources management-theory
R Soncini-Sessa, A Castelletti, E Weber
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Tree-based reinforcement learning for optimal water reservoir operation
A Castelletti, S Galelli, M Restelli, R Soncini-Sessa
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Value of long-term streamflow forecasts to reservoir operations for water supply in snow-dominated river catchments
D Anghileri, N Voisin, A Castelletti, F Pianosi, B Nijssen, DP Lettenmaier
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Many‐objective reservoir policy identification and refinement to reduce policy inertia and myopia in water management
M Giuliani, JD Herman, A Castelletti, P Reed
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Many-objective reservoir policy identification and refinement to reduce institutional myopia in water management
M Giuliani, JD Herman, A Castelletti, PM Reed
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts 16, 2014
A general framework for dynamic emulation modelling in environmental problems
A Castelletti, S Galelli, M Ratto, R Soncini-Sessa, PC Young
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A Hybrid Signature-based Iterative Disaggregation algorithm for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring
A Cominola, M Giuliani, D Piga, A Castelletti, AE Rizzoli
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Tree‐based iterative input variable selection for hydrological modeling
S Galelli, A Castelletti
Water Resources Research 49 (7), 4295-4310, 2013
Is robustness really robust? How different definitions of robustness impact decision-making under climate change
M Giuliani, A Castelletti
Climatic Change 135 (3-4), 409-424, 2016
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