Lewis L. Chuang
Lewis L. Chuang
Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität München
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Why are moving faces easier to recognize?
K Lander, L Chuang
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Assisting Drivers with Ambient Take-Over Requests in Highly Automated Driving
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Steering demands diminish the early-P3, late-P3 and RON components of the event-related potential of task-irrelevant environmental sounds
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Feel the movement: Real motion influences responses to take-over requests in highly automated vehicles
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Where's Pinky?: The Effects of a Reduced Number of Fingers in Virtual Reality
V Schwind, P Knierim, L Chuang, N Henze
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Robust Gaze Features for Enabling Language Proficiency Awareness
J Karolus, PW Wozniak, LL Chuang, A Schmidt
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Recognizing novel deforming objects
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Learned non-rigid object motion is a view-invariant cue to recognizing novel objects
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Using EEG to Understand why Behavior to Auditory In-vehicle Notifications Differs Across Test Environments
LL Chuang, C Glatz, S Krupenia
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Automotive User …, 2017
Haptic feedback cues can improve human perceptual awareness in multi-robots teleoperation
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Libgaze: Real-time gaze-tracking of freely moving observers for wall-sized displays
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A hidden markov framework to capture human–machine interaction in automated vehicles
CP Janssen, LN Boyle, AL Kun, W Ju, LL Chuang
International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction 35 (11), 947-955, 2019
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